Tenant Lease

Rental Agreement

with self-storage lien

New Tenant Lease

This is an agreement between Renter and BUCKEYE LAKE STORAGE (“Owner”). Buckeye Lake Storage is a self-storage facility located at 4545 N. Bank Road Buckeye Lake and, 5600 Fairfield Beach Road Thornville. Outdoor lot has surveillance (“the facility”) containing storage spaces and exterior spaces for vehicle parking.

Owner agrees to rent to renter unit or (Parking Space # ) located in the facilities. The date of commencement of this agreement will be when Owner charges Renter’s credit card for the first month of rent or proration.

Upon commencement, Renter is permitted to move in the said unit. Thereafter, Owner will charge the said credit card on the 1st day of the month as Renter’s rental payment hereunder. Following successful processing of Renter’s first rental payment, Renter will agree and forward this Rental Agreement to Owner which will bind this Agreement. 

In the event that Renter fails to return the Agreement signed by Renter to Owner within ten (10) days after receiving same, this Agreement will be null and void and of no force and effect, provided that one-month rental charges against Renter’s credit card is not refundable and to the extent, there is property in storage in the said Unit, Renter will continue to be liable to Owner for the monthly rental and additional charge of $25.00 monthly until the said unit is available to Owner for rental. Renter understands and acknowledges that upon Renter’s failure to return the signed Agreement as set out herein, Owner may consider such failure as a failure of Renter to accept the Agreement entitling Owner to remove Renter’s stored property, is any, as if abandoned by a trespasser upon the Facility,  Renter understands that once this agreement is valid, operational and enforceable, this Agreement shall be a month to month agreement and either party may terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30) days written notice prior to the periodic rental date.

RENT/PAYMENT: Renter understands and agrees that Owner will charge Renter’s credit card each month as set out herein as the sole and exclusive method of rental payment.

LATE PAYMENT: In the event that the monthly rental charge against Renter’s credit card is not honored or Renter’s credit card otherwise fails to accept such charge for any reason. Renter will be considered in default of this Agreement and will be subject to all remedies available to Owner by law and understand the lease of this Agreement. Additionally, at any time Renter’s account becomes past due or in default for a period of five (5) days, Renter will pay a late fee of $20.00 for each month Renter’s rental payment is late. If Renter is 15 days past due, Owner may lock Renter out of Renter’s unit, notify Renter by certified mail, and begin the process under law of removing Renter and Renter’s property from the premises. In such event, Renter will owe all rent and late fees due and a $30.00 lien fee. Additionally, Owner may cut any lock on the unit, inventory the space, and Renter will pay an inventory fee of $40.00. Owner may sell or dispose of Renter’s stored property as provided in the Ohio Revised Code.

USE AND ACCESS: Renter has seen and inspected the unit and agrees that it is suitable for Renter’s purposes and in good condition. Renter will use the unit only for storage of goods and commodities stored for any lawful purpose and in possession of Renter through lawful means. Renter will not use nor have the right to store any items which Renter has in his possession illegally or which are items that are unlawful to be possessed by Renter. Renter shall not use the unit to maintain any business, operate any machinery or use the premises for any commercial, industrial or retail or wholesale sales or promotional efforts or as a manufacturing distribution facility, or for a garage sale or flea market, nor or dangerous materials or illegal drugs or are hazardous or illegal under local, state or federal law or regulations renter will not store, transport or transfer liquids or water-soluble solids in the unit that could contaminate underlying groundwater.

With respect to vehicles stored on exterior parking spaces, such vehicles shall be properly registered with all appropriate governmental authorities and shall be apparently operable and maintained in good physical condition.

Renter Understands that if Renter does any of the foregoing prohibited activities, Renter will be in breach of this Agreement and Owner may resort to any legal remedy available to Owner to terminate Renter’s use of the unity and to recover damages arising from such breach.

Renter understands that the unit is not climate controlled and that it is Renter’s responsibility to store Renter’s property in the unit in such a way that it will not be affected by changing climate and humidity and that Owner is not responsible for any mold damage or any condition or damage caused by climate or humidity.

Renter understands and acknowledges that Owner can control the hours of operation and availability of access to the facility and can ask at any time for proper identification all of which is for security of the facility for both Renter’s and Owner’s sole discretion make reasonable rules and change rules pertaining to the facility and access to the facility and the unit without prior notice.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: If Renter changes Renter’s address, Renter will notify Owner in writing of such change of address and Owner may rely on such written information in the event Owner resorts to remedies applicable to self-storage lien law.

SUBLETTING: If someone else is going to take over the unit, Renter will sign a Transfer of Renter’s interest form, and the transferee must sign a Rental Agreement and pay rent for the first month of the transferee’s agreement by credit card process provided herein. Renter understands that Renter remains liable for rent on the unit up to the first day of the transferee’s occupation of the unit. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Renter understands that Renter remains liable to Owner for rent hereunder should Renter’s transferee fail to make any payment under his rental agreement.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY/ INDEMNITY: Renter releases Owner, Owner’s employees, agents, successors and assigns from any and all liability for damage to Renter’s property or loss of Renter’s property for any reason and from any and all liability of any kind whatsoever for personal injury or death to Renter, Renter’s heirs, successors, assigns and third parties. Any insurance Renter has obtained will contain a waiver of subrogation against Owner, Owner’s employees, agents, and representatives.

Renter agrees to identify, defend and hold Owner harmless from any and all loss, claim damages, demands, liability, expense, fines, or penalties arising out of or related in any manner to Renter’s occupation of the unit, however, occurring or arising.

MAINTENANCE/ REPAIRS: Renter shall keep and maintain the unity and the facility in a clean and sanitary condition and shall not permit the accumulation of rubbish, liquid waste, or refuse.

If Owner needs to enter the unit to make repairs or alterations, Renter will make a reasonable effort to give Owner access thereso and, if necessary, let Owner move property in the unit to do work. Owner may remove any lock on the unit if Renter fails to make a reasonable effort to give Owner access to the unit. If Owner needs to enter the unit because of an emergency situation and is unable after reasonable efforts to contact Renter, Owner may remove any lock on the unit, enter the unit and make a repair, secure the unit, or comply with a government order as the case may be. If necessary to make repairs are completed in the emergency no longer exists. In no event will Owner be liable for any damage to or loss of property for any action Owner takes pursuant to this section of this agreement.

SECURITY: Renter acknowledges that Owner employs certain measures which may or may not include an electric gate with gate codes that provide access to the facility, lighting, and video camera. Renter further acknowledges that these measures are for the protection of the facility and not the unit. Renter agrees that under no circumstances will Owner be liable in the event the unit is broken into or property in the unit is damaged or lost and it is determined that Owner’s security measures were not operating or were not operating properly.

TERMINATION; VACATING THE PREMISES: Upon termination of the Rental Agreement or upon Renter vacating the unit for whatever reason, Renter agrees that the premises will be left in the same good condition as when Renter commenced occupation thereof, normal wear and tear expected. Renter shall be liable to Owner for all cost and expenses incurred by Owner to repair or restore the premises for damage thereto beyond normal wear and tear.


  • This agreement contains the entire agreement between Renter and Owner. No change or alteration to the agreement will be effective or enforceable unless contained in a writing signed by both parties, provided that the monthly rental hereunder may be changed by Owner giving Renter notice in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of such change and other changes to this agreement may be made by Owner giving Renter notice in writing of any such changes. If Renter continues to occupy the unit for thirty (30) days after receipt of such notice, Renter will be deemed to have accepted the change.

  • This agreement shall be binding on and inure to the benefit of Renter, Renter’s heirs, personal representatives, agents, successors and assigns and on Owner, Owner’s agents. Employees, agents, successors, and assign;

  • In the event Renter breaches any term or condition of the agreement, Renter agrees to pay attorney fees incurred by Owner in pursuing ant and all remedies for such breach available to it;

  • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Ohio;

  • In the event either party is required or wishes to give notice to the other part in writing, the addresses for each part are as follows:



Unless either party has given the other a change of address in writing, the addresses furnished herein are presumed to be current and accurate and notice sent to such address will be presumed to be proper unless otherwise provided by law.

NOTICE TO RENTER: Owner has a lien on Renter’s stored property for unpaid rent and other charges and Renter’s property may be disposed of or sold if Renter is in default. If Renter is in default or any part of this agreement continuously for thirty (30) days. The lien and enforcement of the lien are governed by the Ohio Revised Code.

  • After Renter has been in default for thirty (30) days or longer, Owner may deny you access to Renter’s space and inventory the contents therein. Owner may remove Renter’s property from Renter’s space pending its redemption, sale, or disposal. Owner may cut off any lock on the space if necessary and will not owe Renter for the lock. Once a lock is removed under these circumstances, Owner will not be liable for the contents of Renter’s space.

  • Upon default, Owner will send Renter a notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, to Renter’s last known address containing:
  1. An itemized statement of the amount due;
  2. A demand for payment at least thirty (30) days after the date of mailing;
  3. A statement that the contents of Renter’s space is subject to a lien;
  4. A statement that Renter has been denied access to Renter’s space and whether Renter’s property has been moved to another suitable storage location;
  5. A brief and general description of the personal property subject to the lien;
  6. The name and telephone number of the person to contact to respond to the notice.
  • If Renter does not pay the claim in full by the due date given in the notice, Renter’s property will be disposed of or alternately, advertised for sale and sold, ninety days from Renter’s default. Renter may redeem Renter’s property anytime before sale or disposal by paying the total amount then due on Renter’s account which may include other charges and fees in the enforcement of the lien as well as rent through the date of redemption;

  • If Renter’s property is disposed of, Owner will owe Renter no money for Renter’s property and may not apply any credit to Renter’s account. Renter may continue to owe the full amount of Renter’s account and the debt may be turned over to a collection agency for collection.

  • If Renter’s property is sold, any proceeds may be applied first to the expenses of the sale, then to the balance of Renter’s account. Renter may continue to own ant remaining balance and Renter’s account may be turned over for collection.